Leeds City Academy

Ethos and Values

Aspire together – Achieve together

Our vision is to be an exceptional and responsive academy providing life-changing education, skills and experiences for all.

Our Values:





We believe that education can transform lives


We strive to ensure all students make the fastest progress they can and achieve the best possible outcomes




We respect the individual, relishing the contribution that diversity brings


We actively encourage a growth mindset, building self-confidence and pro-active behaviours

We tailor our Innovative and creative curriculum to the needs of the individual

We celebrate the dignity and unique worth of the individual irrespective of race, colour, class, creed or gender.



We set high expectations, ambitions and values for everyone

We are determined that all children regardless of background will achieve and be prepared for life beyond our academy



We value and look after our environment to keep it safe, healthy and inclusive


We develop skills for students to become our successful leaders of the future

We strive to be the best we can be, actively and with pride


We are proud both to be an integral part of and to serve our local communities